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Delaney Vero PLLC

We are a law firm.  What makes us unique is our passion for making a difference in the lifecycle of businesses and not-for-profits across Tech Valley and beyond.  We understand today’s leaders expect flexibility and do not want to be held back by the fine print.  We enjoy coming to the table, listening to where our clients want to take their organizations, and offering forward-thinking and business-oriented solutions to help get them there.  From the inception of a business and birth of a workforce through the challenges that come with growth and change, we are there to anticipate and respond to our clients’ needs with legal advice that they can trust to move them forward.

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Virtual Services

Hello!  I’m Pam Sullivan, Virtual Producer for some of the most amazing businesses, solopreneurs, and coaches!  After a corporate layoff in 2019 opened a window to the Entrepreneur World, I ran through it and haven’t looked back.  Since starting my business, Volution Virtual Services, I get to help my clients with things like full production of their webinars and online seminars, design/development and delivery of engaging online courses, as well as helping them become thought leaders in their industry through video content editing.

Starting my own business has been such a blessing, I get the freedom to do the work I LOVE for the best clients ever, all while not missing out on all the precious moments of being a Mom to my 10 year old – which has meant trading long daily commutes and corporate business trips for full time remote learning, and staying sane during a pandemic.  But I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

And now with my new online studio – Virtual Presenter Studio – I get to help people with a brand new way to improve their virtual presence.  This is an online studio designed to help people practice their skills for presenting on things like live webinars, YouTube videos or online courses.  Along with Susan Axelrod, the Studio’s resident Confidence Coach, we hold regular open studio and private sessions to give people the time, feedback, support, and encouragement they need to practice and perfect their virtual presentations before going in front of the camera.  

I truly love being able to help my clients turn their knowledge and expertise into an online course, virtual event or video series that is life-changing for their students AND their businesses.  

 I can’t wait to see YOU online or in the studio!

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