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Christine Zinzow

HR Consulting Assistant

Christine Zinzow Profile Photo

"I listen to truly hear you and not to just respond!"

I am honest and a good combination of realistic and optimistic. I care about other people; their happiness, success, and overall wellbeing. In other words, YOU MATTER! Everyone is important, and all feelings and thoughts should be acknowledged. I am a supportive, loyal, team-player, and I will encourage you to thrive not just survive in whatever you are doing. I am also a true believer in cultivating relationships, passionate about fostering inclusive environments, and in seeking professional development. I love life, my family, and my work, and I am enthusiastic, motivated, and full of energy.  My friends would tell you that, Caffeine, I do not need!

My professional experience is in education, training, advising, marketing, and sales, and my background includes over 13 years of program development, professional training, facilitation, and assessment.  Through a combination of data driven analysis and collaboration with people and teams, I endeavor to seek out sustainable and scalable solutions. I have extensive experience creating comprehensive resources and developing and delivering trainings and workshops. Process improvement and implementation excites me,

and I do not believe that the “best way” is the “way it has always been done”. New people, new team structures, and new rules bring about new ideas! Why not do something better and more efficiently?  I earned both my bachelor’s degree in Psychology and my master’s in counseling from The College of Saint Rose in Albany New York.  Post degree, I have worked as a college academic advisor, an adjunct professor, and curriculum coordinator.  By day, I work full-time with students as a College Careers professional. At night and on the weekends, I am loving learning all things HR.  Currently, I am a member of several local, regional, and national professional organizations. I am a member of Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) and the Capital Region Human Resource Association (CRHRA) as well as numerous higher education and career-related organizations. Over the course of my career, I have gained valuable leadership experience including serving as a national conference committee chair, a committee department representative, and as a board member. 

In my spare time, I swim, listen to NPR, try new recipes, and walk around the neighborhood with our Yorkie-poo, Fancy. We rescued Fancy when she was 9 years old and we were told by her foster family that she does not like to snuggle, play with toys, or know any commands or tricks. After 4 months she has learned how to sit, regularly plays with her squeaky ball, and loves to cuddle. It all goes to show how modifying our environment with a little focused direction can help us to thrive in a new reality- business or personal. 

I was born in Niskayuna and have lived in the tri-city area my entire life. I was taught to take time to appreciate the little things in life like solar flowers, the Oxford Comma, local farm stands, one-a-day calendars, and good rye bread. I am the happiest when I am learning, networking with new people, and crafting a strategic solution to a problem. I enjoy reading research articles, love to clean/organize, watch my garden grow, and go to garage sales. I have an appreciation for hand-crocheted flowers from my mom and road trips with my partner Nick! I love volunteering my time within my community particularly as that of a blood donor for The American Red Cross. Finally, and most importantly, I genuinely believe there is NEVER enough garlic in any recipe. NEVER! 


​It is hard to adequately express how excited I am to be working with such a dynamic and genuinely amazing group at Integra-HR. Our team has multifaceted backgrounds, interests, and strengths but the same mission…helping you succeed! I look forward to the opportunity to work with companies of all sizes, academic intuitions, and grass roots organizations on their training development, talent acquisition, process improvement, resource creation and so much more.

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