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Give Back & Impact

About Give Back & Impact

Why we created Give Back & Impact

We live our value of community and we want to be the change we wish to see in the world.  We are a passionate team focused on giving back, recognizing the amazing work being done with our most vulnerable populations, moving our community forward, and supporting the revitalization of our workforce. 

When it comes to the value of community we view the work we perform on behalf of our clients as serving a much larger purpose.  We continually invest in our business community and the workforce that propels it.  Our commitment to our clients, their employees and their workplaces is not only reflected in the work we do, but also by our individual and collective volunteer efforts and contributions to various community organizations we are proud to call partners.  


Starting Give Back & Impact in April of 2020

We were on a mission to recognize our forgotten heroes, Direct Support Professionals, Direct Care Workers and Food Pantry Employees.  These front line workers that dedicate their lives to working with our most vulnerable populations.  In an already challenging role, the COVID 19 pandemic required isolation and social distancing in environments and with individuals that did not or could not understand this new way of life.  These unsung heroes were working tirelessly to find new ways to engage and support individuals and their families, while putting themselves and their families at risk.  In addition, these heroes barely make more than minimum wage and did not have the resources needed to keep themselves or the individuals they supported safe.

How Give Back & Impact has grown

Give Back & Impact has continued to expand above and beyond donation drives.  It has included challenging others to perform random acts of kindness, giving our team paid time off to volunteer in their communities, doing weekly recognition of community members that pay it forward, and using our professional networks to get volunteers to work with high-risk youth wanting to learn about various industries, careers, and helping the students learn and be empowered to find their passion.

Whom we have helped

Advisory Board Members

Trisha Cuzdey

Michelle Hegener

Shameka Mcduffie

Sharon Phillips

JoAnn Taylor

Founding Board Member Emeritus

PJ Facteau

(April 9, 1960 - January 20, 2022)

How you can help

No donation is too small and it doesn't even have to be money.  The gift of time, a random act of kindness, recognizing someone doing something good, or even sharing your expertise can change the world.  Here are just some of the ways you can help:


  1.  Make monetary donation into the Give Back & Impact community fund set-up at CAPCOM FCU.  People can visit any branch drive thru and tell them to deposit the donation in the IMPACT account or they can make checks payable to GIVE BACK & IMPACT FUND, put IMPACT on memo line of the check, and mail to:  CAPCOM FCU, Fund Deposit, 4 Winners Circle, Albany, NY 12205.

  2. Donate to any of the organizations we have helped by clicking on the agency name which will take you to their donation page.

  3. Contact us to volunteer for an upcoming event or to work with youth.

  4. Make donations to our donation drives when events are scheduled.

  5. Perform random acts of kindness.  This can be a text message, a call, or sending a card to someone who needs it.  It could be holding the door or buying a cup of coffee for the next person in line at the drive thru.  

  6. Recognizing individuals in your community that are working with vulnerable populations by doing shout outs on social media or making donations to the agency where they work. 

  7. Volunteer in your community or at the agency or organization that has meaning for you, and then tell us about it!

Our Sponsers

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