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Our Framework

At Integra, we offer personalized services to meet your needs because every organization is different.  We will be in and out of a client’s business as needed to provide on and off-site support.  We will work on an hourly basis in ten-minute increments, two-hour blocks, half or full-day increments, or for a flat rate when delivering project-based work.  This gives clients flexibility, options, access to high-quality experts and the most effective cost for the outcomes.  Click the plus signs below to learn more.

Are you a company in need of hiring a dedicated HR Professional?  Would you like a resource to assist you in analyzing the role, developing a job description, understanding the type of candidate you are looking for, help in navigating where to begin your search, and/or offer screening techniques to find a fit for your culture and/or team?  We assist our clients with preparing to hire HR professionals at any level.

When people hear HR, they may or may not understand the wide range of roles their HR professionals are responsible for handling on a day-to-day basis.  Even the most seasoned HR Professional can struggle to master every single aspect of the HR arena.  Through one-to-one, group mentoring and training we are excited to be a part of our client’s professional development solution for their entry, mid and senior-level HR professionals.   

What keeps you up at night?
The maze of ever-changing human resource laws and regulations can be overwhelming and can take your organization away from the heart and soul of its business.  At Integra, we help you to navigate the confusion; however, we believe this to be so much more than just legal compliance and advice.  We protect your business by getting to know you and collaborating on real-world solutions that integrate your values and your desired outcomes.  By developing systems and processes to support your people at all levels and then training them to do it your way, makes the most of your people resources. 

We are often asked about the value of handbooks and if organizations need them.  Our answer is simple.  It is the most important way to introduce your employees to your organization and it is also the first thing their lawyer asks to see when things don’t go as you expected.  A well-written handbook that is simple to read, has up-to-date policies and captures your organization’s culture on how things are really done, can be your greatest resource for employees and supervisors.  If it’s not, it is probably doing you more damage than good.  At Integra, we offer two options.  We can review your existing handbook to ensure it is up-to-date and meets your needs.  Or, we can develop a brand new one if you don’t have one or your employee handbook needs a total overhaul.  Either way, let us utilize our expertise and tailor this tool to maximize its effectiveness.

Do the words “HR audit” scare you?  Do you really know how your HR services are measuring up?  Let one of our experts come on-site and find out.  We will collaborate with your team to evaluate what you already have in place and provide support on how to move things forward to bring you into compliance if needed.  We will also make recommendations around best practices to consider implementing to add value to your culture or to help your organization differentiate itself from the competition.  Let us help you make sense of it, so you can get some sleep tonight.

To get a sense of the things we will assess, below is a sample of Integra’s HR Healthy Check-up

  • Is there one or more bulletin boards for required posters?  Are they current?

  • Do you have an onboarding process?

  • Do you have a complaint procedure for employee concerns?

  • When was the last time you conducted an audit of your I-9s?

  • Do you have a performance management process?

Are you looking for an HR Strategy? 


Integra knows there is more than the day to day that needs to be addressed.  Lack of time and resources prevents many companies from achieving their ultimate vision.  At Integra we offer the C-Suite the following services to help achieve their end goals:

  • Accreditation Support

  • Assessing and/or Building Your HR Team

  • Connections to Resources, Partners and Solutions

  • HR Hotline for Executives

  • Merger and Acquisition Due Diligence Support

  • Retreat Facilitation

  • Succession Planning

  • Strategic Planning - Mission, Vision & Values Development, Goal/KPI Development, ROI Analysis, etc.

  • Workforce/Engagement/Culture Assessment

Employees are the center of every company no matter the size.  Employees require a lot of attention throughout the entire employee life cycle, from the time they apply to the day they leave your company.  Employees look for supportive work environments and how they add value.  Integra assists clients in developing a proactive culture that engages employees in a way that reduces the time spent reacting to workplace issues.  At Integra we offer the following services:

  • Coaching & Mentoring

  • Communications

  • Employee Journey Mapping – build a journey map and use it to improve your work culture

  • Exit Interviews & Stay Interview Process Development

  • Facilitation

  • Navigating Organizational Change

  • Reward & Recognition Program Development

  • Team Building

  • Workforce/Engagement/Culture Assessment

At Integra, we can be your HR lifeline and be on-call to consult only when you have a need.  We can provide confidential consultation services over the phone or we can make ourselves available to come on-site to provide an extra hand to your managers, executives or existing HR team.  We are only a phone call away.

Technology and how to leverage it within the HR function can be an exhausting and sometimes a painful process.  With so many HRIS options, Integra helps with needs assessment, ROI, vendor referral and/or selection, and implementation support. 

Not every company has a dedicated HR Professional.  Many times, these tasks fall to an Owner, Director, Financial expert or someone juggling other roles and responsibilities.  In organizations with an HR department of one, it may be difficult for one person to handle the many different HR responsibilities and expertise that are required to get the job done.  At Integra, our seasoned professionals can offer various levels of support depending on our client’s needs.

Employees that are healthy and happy directly impact the bottom line.  What do you do if your employee needs to take a leave from work?  At Integra, we understand the complexities and regulatory requirements of the various forms of leave as well as clients that offer additional leave benefits beyond what is legally required.  We will assist employees, managers, HR professionals and executives in navigating the complexities of leave management.

Integra knows that total compensation (pay and benefits) is the highest expense in any organization.  We can offer strategy, design, solutions and connecting you with the right partners to solve your business’s benefit and compensation challenges.

Highly skilled and trained employees are the key to the success of your organization and high-quality training programs are one of the drivers of employee performance.  Training can increase employee motivation and retention and improve your company’s bottom line. 

At Integra, our seasoned HR professionals have been training employees for decades and will work with you to create customized workshops to meet your business needs. For example, we offer NYS Sexual Harassment & Discrimination Prevention Training and Preparing Supervisors for Managing in Union and Non-Union Environments.

View a demo of the online course "Creating a Respectful Workplace for All".

For full listing of course offerings click here to be redirected to our Proknowledge website.

The cost of harassment and discrimination can destroy your company and its image.  Educating your employees is the only way to prevent and stop harassment and keep your organization out of the headlines.


Integra has designed on-line and in-person training programs to educate employees and supervisors about creating respectful and inclusive workplace cultures.  Our training program is comprehensive and covers all forms of harassment and discrimination including, the annual requirements for NYS Sexual Harassment training.  Our Services include:  

  • Affordable On-Line Training Programs for both Employees and Supervisors

  • Comprehensive Harassment and Discrimination Policy Development

  • Customizable In-Person Training to Meet Your Organizational Needs

  • Customizable On-Line Training Programs with Case Studies Reflective of Your Organization’s Industry

  • Employee and Supervisor Attendance Tracking & Reporting, including the Interactive Test Scores

  • Summary of Workplace Harassment & Discrimination Highlights for Employees

  • Multiple Year Training Versions to Ensure On-going Employee Engagement & Learning

  • Closed Captioning available in both English and Spanish

Do you want a more effective workforce and a highly skilled leadership team?  Learn how to create a culture where employees feel no need to seek outside representation.  Managers that are ineffective can make your organization vulnerable to union organizing and may not know the warning signs.  This is avoidable and elections that don’t happen means your workplace stays union-free.


In addition, if you already have a union in place, your managers and supervisors need to know how to effectively work within the guidelines of the collective bargaining agreement including, performance management, grievances, work assignments, training, compensation, etc.  Managers that do not understand and violate the agreement costs your organization money and create unnecessary employee relation issues.  Our consultants’ decades of experience can assist your organization in being protected under either scenario. 

(a C-Suite Advisors Course)

Fee: $3,200 for 26 weeks of in depth education, collaboration and community

Learning Objectives

After a successful launch, the next level of business success typically involves scaling and growth. This means expanding your customer base, increasing revenue and profits, and solidifying your position in the market. Next-Level Entrepreneurship: A 26-Week Roadmap to Scalable Growth is an intensive business management program dedicated to providing business owners with the knowledge, confidence and tools they need to achieve this next level of success. Beginning with Leadership Development and ending with Finances, our program walks you through each area of business management, offering not only a foundation for success, but a plan and achievable vision for longevity.


  • Leadership Development: Learn to communicate more effectively with your employees, clients, and stakeholders; make decisions that align with your company’s goals and values; inspire and motivate your team; and manage conflicts and challenges.

  • Marketing & Branding: Understand the importance of branding; uncover your story and your “why” for your business and develop a brand that others will covet and adore.

  • Sales: Build your unique sales process for accelerated revenue growth. Implement a Customer Relations Management system to track, test and measure your results.

  • Human Resources: Participate in a HR Bootcamp and learn the fundamentals of human resources.

  • Finance: Learn how to create and effectively use your business’s budget.

This course is taught by C-Suite Advisors, an ensemble of senior business acumen providing consultative support to businesses as they seek to grow and expand without straining finances. You can learn more about the course and C-Suite.

Contact us for more information about the course or to register.

People, in general, are complex and there is no way around it.  Even if you have the best culture and work environment, the need for workplace investigations will come up.  At your organization, you may or may not have someone on staff that is trained to conduct a proper workplace investigation, or the assigned person could be conflicted out of conducting the investigation for a variety of reasons. 

At Integra, we conduct a fact-finding process to help ensure the employee workplace concerns are addressed and to help your organization avoid it turning into a more serious matter.  We will conduct a timely investigation, work with those involved, maintain confidentiality, prepare a workplace investigation report, and work with our client’s management team, legal counsel and/or Board until resolution.

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