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Meet The Team

Jennifer Massey Profile Photo

President & Co-founder

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"I love the “Aha” moments…"

After 28 years of executive experience in Human Resources, I have channeled all my energy into taking the HR consulting world by storm!  Okay, maybe that’s a little extreme but what you should know is this – I’m passionate, knowledgeable, and strive to help clients achieve success through their “Aha” moments.  

Trisha Cuzdey Profile Photo

HR Freelance Consultant /
Business Partner

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"I truly love to help others succeed!"

After 20 years in the field of Human Resources, working at different levels and for a variety of industries, I ventured into a whole new career in sales.  I know, right?  All I will say is it was interesting.  However, I would not trade what I learned from being in sales nor the phenomenal people I met as it led me back to where I truly belong, Human Resources.  

Joseph Koyon Profile Photo

HR Consultant / Business Partner

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"I love to help leaders build strong organizations!"

I’ve always been interested in how people turn their passions into livelihoods, and how they navigate the areas of their businesses that aren’t their primary focus. After years of helping large companies run and improve their established businesses, I want to help people build them.


Senior HR Consultant

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"I love to solve problems, particularly when the challenges involve employees!"

Human resources is my passion and I have successfully partnered with a variety of organizations, profit and not for profit.  It is important to me to understand how the human resources function fits into an organization as a whole.


HR Consultant

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"I’m ready to put my many years of HR experience to work for you!"

Human Resources has been my sole professional focus, and business leaders can count on me to help them tackle the myriad of challenges in today’s complex world. As the HR profession has grown, so have the expectations of HR professionals. We must be knowledgeable and strategic in solving issues that span across the employee life cycle in order to help a business grow and thrive.

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HR Consultant

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"I love helping others find their key to success!"

Throughout my career as a Human Resources professional, my core values of demonstrating passion, commitment, empowerment, empathy, respect, adaptability and effective communication have been consistently present in my work and when partnering and coaching others.  I love how these values align perfectly with Integra’s business philosophy!


HR Consultant

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"I love all things HR"

I am an energetic and dedicated HR professional who thrives on team synergy, organizational growth, and continuous improvement. Being a part of the IntegraHR team aligns my passion for helping others with a company that values integrity, service, community, creativity and results. 

EJM b&w Picture.png

HR Consultant

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"I suppose you could call me an HR Journeyperson (or maybe an HR ping pong ball)."

Over my 38 years in the profession, I have worked for 11 different organizations, from small non-profits to worldwide Fortune 500’s.  My work has spanned several industries (computer manufacturing, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, higher and primary education) in all HR practice areas with concentrations in benefits, compliance, labor/employee relations, and team development.


HR Consultant

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“I love delivering people solutions to your business needs.”

An HR professional provides a diverse amount of service to business leaders and their workforce.  It requires continuous learning, a great deal of flexibility and adaptability because every day is different, sometimes the moment you begin your day and sometimes something you’ve never faced before, but now must solve.


HR Consultant

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“My mission is to elevate employee engagement, and champion workforce diversity and wellness to achieve operational excellence.”

I am a Human Resources professional with 15 years of domestic and global experience in the Public Education, Oil & Gas, Architecture & Engineering, Construction Management, and Workforce Development industries.  My international experience has given me a unique perspective on different work styles, approaches, organizational structures, and business practices. 


Performance Consultant

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“What gets me up in the morning is guiding organizations through their challenges to determine what learning and development solutions will help them get to where they need to be.”

Over my 30 years in HR/Organizational Development, I’ve sat with peers, managers, and executive leaders to listen to what they want which, in almost every situation, has been the desire to get better at what they do, foster better relationships with their team, and solve business problems that they encounter.


Administrative Assistant

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"If you ask my friends or family for one word, they would use to describe me, it would be caring."

I always strive to better myself by helping other people and doing what I can to give back. Character is an important value to me and I strive to display character in every aspect of my life. As a new graduate from college, I am excited to see what new opportunities there are for me at Integra. I am an Administrative Assistant at Integra HR and look forward to learning new skills and working with my co-workers to best serve our clients.

LV headshot b&w.jpg

HR Intern

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“I’m passionate about growing and learning in the field of HR through hands-on experience and am thrilled to be part of the Integra HR team!”

I am currently a junior at the University of Delaware, but I grew up in Albany and spend my summers at home with my family and friends! I am in the second semester of my junior year here at UD, studying human relations administration and leadership. I was initially drawn to HR because I value organization, leadership, and teamwork.

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