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Joseph D. Koyon, Jr., PHR, SHRM-CP

HR Consultant 

Joseph Koyon Profile Photo

"I love to help leaders build strong organizations!"

I’ve always been interested in how people turn their passions into livelihoods, and how they navigate the areas of their businesses that aren’t their primary focus. After years of helping large companies run and improve their established businesses, I want to help people build them. I strongly believe that local, home-grown businesses are essential cornerstones to strong communities, and I share Integra HR’s passion for serving the communities of the Capital Region.

My ties to the Capital Region are deep. I graduated from Siena College with a Bachelor of Arts degree, worked in operations and HR management for several big-box retail stores, and went back to school after 15 years in the working world. My graduate school experience led to a Master of Science degree in Organization Management and helped me establish a network of professionals I work with every day. This experience allowed me to move into more impactful leadership roles in HR and management for a wider variety of companies. During this time, I also earned my PHR certification, to which I added my SHRM-CP when that credential was established. My commitment to the HR community has been strengthened by a long relationship with the Capital Region Human Resource Association (CRHRA), which I now serve as President.

Recently, I was honored to participate in the Watervliet Police Policy Review Committee, which allowed me to use my skills and experience to serve my neighbors and adopted hometown.

Anyone who knows me well would tell you that you can know the season of the year by which sports team I am obsessed with at the time. (They would also tell you that you can know the results of the previous night’s contest from the look on my face the next morning!) A lot of cold and snowy winter evenings, you can find me with my family at the TU watching Siena basketball, for which we have had season tickets for several years.

I reserve my loudest cheers for the actors, musicians, and artists of the Capital Region. I have been a lover of the arts and humanities since my time in college and have made many great friends in Albany’s arts scene. My favorite performer lives in the same house and shares a name, but he has a way to go before he is old enough for Broadway. His captive audience also includes his extremely patient and understanding mother and two very happy cats. It’s a fun home, and…not quiet.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue to pursue my passion with Integra HR. I look forward to providing our clients with the customized HR solutions they need to build the Capital Region’s next great businesses.

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