Our Mission and Values are our Passions

At Integra, we take an integrated approach to our clients’ people and culture, to develop innovative solutions and drive organizational outcomes.  


Our team of seasoned HR Professionals provides responsible advice our clients can trust.  We respond promptly to our clients' immediate needs and we work diligently to anticipate future needs that align with their organizational goals.


Our team holds itself accountable for our clients’ success, we own our clients’ challenges and we serve as an invaluable strategic partner. 

 Socially Responsible and Community-Focused

We view the work we perform on behalf of our clients as serving a much larger purpose.  We continually invest in our business community and the workforce that propels it.  Our commitment to our clients, their employees, and their workplaces is not only reflected in the work we do, but also by our individual and collective volunteer efforts and contributions to various community organizations we are proud to call partners.  


When managing people, the challenges that arise are rarely routine.  We strive to think outside the box to provide innovative, tailored and efficient solutions to our client’s business challenges.


With an eye always on our clients’ goals, our team navigates the path forward with agility, compassion, and contemplation.  We are ever mindful that HR is ultimately about people and that great employees make great employers.