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  • Leah Vener

Unveiling Growth: My Journey as an HR Intern at Integra HR

Welcome back to my journey as an HR intern at Integra HR! The past few weeks have been filled with exciting challenges, valuable insights, and meaningful connections. I have been taking on more responsibilities, allowing me to deepen my understanding of HR processes.

As HR consultants, Integra HR is tasked with going to client sites to help them sort out their HR processes. I have been fortunate enough to be able to assist one of our consultants at a client site to help them organize their HR files and update their records. This experience has been incredibly valuable as I have not only met other amazing professionals but have been exposed to new HR processes. I learned about essential new hire paperwork, how to write professional letters, and how to update an employee handbook.

In addition, my solo projects have included researching different human resources information systems (HRIS) and creating a comparison chart. Our goal for this initiative is to be able to present this chart as a tool to assist Integra’s clients in picking the right system that will fit their business needs. Over the next few weeks, I hope to finalize this project and create a similar comparison for different applicant tracking systems (ATS). Lastly, I am in the process of writing job description templates that can be modified in the future to fit the specific need of a company looking to fill a position.

Last week, I extended my time with Integra HR until August to assist with preparing training materials for the Fall sessions. My role involves organizing folders that training participants will use on their training days, ensuring a smooth delivery of content for clients and employees. I am also engaging in online training with Integra Consultants to see how my work is applied. Moreover, I will have the chance to observe in-person training in the coming weeks.

My goal is for the resources I am creating to become valuable assets for Integra's future success. I have been fortunate to witness the dedication of Integra's consultants, who generously invest their time to teach and mentor me. Knowing that my work as an intern contributes to Integra's growth is incredibly rewarding, and this experience is enhancing my journey as a future HR professional as well.



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