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Tricia Fontanelli

HR Consultant


"I’m ready to put my many years of HR experience to work for you!"

Human Resources has been my sole professional focus, and business leaders can count on me to help them tackle the myriad of challenges in today’s complex world. As the HR profession has grown, so have the expectations of HR professionals. We must be knowledgeable and strategic in solving issues that span across the employee life cycle in order to help a business grow and thrive.


I enjoy being the person you can depend on. I help business leaders understand the importance of creating a positive experience where employees feel valued and engaged more than ever before, while at the same time balancing the needs of the business and management.

My professional story began when I was a college student working in a family business. I saw first-hand the tremendous impact highly engaged employees had on the customer experience.  Those positive experiences

directly contributed to the success of the business.  I believe that finding ways to create loyalty through a good employee environment will always benefit a company’s bottom line.  This philosophy stuck with me throughout my career in the legal, hospitality and health care industries. 


I listen to both business leaders and their employees to take all concerns seriously while also being candid and creative about the solutions that are possible. I use my experience and professional resources to create outcomes that can help move a business forward. My expertise includes the areas of building an HR infra-structure, compliance, leadership and coaching, policy and process development, and employee relations issues. 


I am a native of the Albany area with a Business degree from the University of South Florida. I currently have homes in both Albany and Florida so that I can enjoy the warm weather I love year-round. When I’m not hard at work for my clients, or soaking up the rays on a Florida beach, I enjoy practicing yoga, working on my golf swing, and trying out new local area restaurants.

I am thrilled to be working for such a dynamic and experienced team at Integra – HR! 

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